Having some Salesforce.com certifications has lot of benefits. Professionally it obviously helps to demonstrate knowledge, socially it gives you some bragging rights. Beyond that, a growing number of certifications comes with a growing number of responsibilities. Release exams are always around the corner, with Salesforce's 3 releases per year.

A few weeks ago my Alexa adventure started and it has kept me busy ever since! The initial goal was to build an Alexa Skill that integrates with Salesforce.com, but after diving into the matter, my goal changed. The new goal quickly became to build an Alexa SDK for APEX. And now, just a few weeks later, AlexaForce was born!

As the quest for an advanced Alexa AVS skill continues, all kinds of challenges cross my path. This time I encountered a problem that cost me quite some time to solve. While trying to have Alexa's account linking to work with the Salesforce Oauth Webserver flow, I needed a way to verify the access token issued by Salesforce and get information about the user in question, using APEX.

In the past few days I have been experimenting with Amazon Alexa AVS, with a Raspberry Pi 3 as the hardware component. The final goal is to build a custom Alexa Skill. To even begin development, the hardware to communicate with Alexa AVS is a hard necessity. There are dozens of devices on the market for this, but in my case, I wanted to use the Raspberry Pi, which had been catching dust as a printer server ;) In this and subsequent articles I will explain some of the challenges I ran into and the solutions I found to solve them.

This article aims to explain how to display a Salesforce Content Document (ContentVersion) in a custom formula field. Since I discovered the information needed is scattered across the world wide web, summarizing it into 1 blog article seemed to be a great way to enrich the internet!

Several times now I have noticed that a custom external data source connector in Salesforce, even though present on the system, will not appear in the list of types when setting up an external data source.