Having some Salesforce.com certifications has lot of benefits. Professionally it obviously helps to demonstrate knowledge, socially it gives you some bragging rights. Beyond that, a growing number of certifications comes with a growing number of responsibilities. Release exams are always around the corner, with Salesforce's 3 releases per year.

Fifteen certifications

When I ran the Artisan Hub report last year, I was at 16 certifications, putting me at nr. 45 globally and nr. 1 nationally.

In the meanwhile, I have added 1 more to the list. However, I am still down to 15 certifications today. A decrease! The reason for the decrease: The force.com advanced developer and force.com developer certifications have been retired.

This means I lost my favorite certification and the one I was most proud of. The Force.com Advanced Developer :(

Release exams

Whatever my current Artisan ranking is, the current certificate-count is still more than enough to give me a slight shock 3 times per year. As you all know, with each new release, new maintenance exams become due.

The maintenance exams make sure all certified Salesforce professionals stay up-2-date with the platform, which is a good thing. But since I started gathering the architect-domain-certifications last year, the list of release exams had expanded significantly for Spring '18!

When I logged in to webassessor at release time, there were a daunting 8 (!!) maintenance exams waiting for me.

“Three Then Free”

Luckily, Salesforce does not expect a fee to be paid for each of them, thanks to their “Three Then Free” rule. Only 3 of the maintenance exams require the yearly fee. For any maintenance exams beyond these 3, Salesforce provides free voucher codes. You still need to pass the exams of course, no free passes!

Spring '18: Check!

While I would normally do all the release exams in 1 go, this time I chose for a 2 x 4 approach. Last week I covered the first 4, yesterday I completed the remaining 4.

So I am now officially ready for Spring '18!


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